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Indian Hills Middle School8

Shawnee Mission, KS | Johnson County

March 22, 2015

Indian Hills Middle School provided an exceptional experience for our daughter. The amount of homework and expectations set for quality encouraged her to take on more responsibility regarding her own study habits. She will be able to transition to the work load needed to successfully complete high school at a competitive level. Truthfully, I dreaded the "middle school years", but the staff at IHMS make these early adolescent years not only tolerable but enjoyable.

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September 20, 2013

First and most important, IH doesn't do their students any favors when it comes to homework and grading policies. My daughter is learning the hard way what kind of a rude awakening high school can be, when you develop the kind of poor homework habits that IH reinforced for the two years she was there. There was an overall message, that since there is no GPA in middle school, "what you do, or don't do, doesn't matter". It's hard to be strict about homework at home, when the school has little to no consequences for late/missing work; even if there are consequences, they are told that as long as they pass, that's all that matters, due to the no GPA thing. Additionally, I always had the feeling that this age of child was simply tolerated at IH. It was almost like a holding cell for the intolerable adolescents, until they were finally mature enough to go to high school and be taken seriously. It made me sad that there were so few who seemed to really enjoy and appreciate this age of child. That said, my daughter was fortunate to find good friends, a couple good teachers that really took an interest in her, and her overall experience was not that bad; it just wasn't that great.

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August 16, 2008

best school ever. every teacher my daughter has is nice and excellent!

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